Internationalising the Green New Deal: Strategies for Pan-European Coordination

Executive Summary

This report from David Adler and Pawel Wargan argues that a Green New Deal can form the basis of a new relationship between Europe and the UK. Through multi-level institutional coordination, an internationally-minded Green New Deal can address deep-set regional issues, support the development of green technology, and work towards decolonial action.

The report offers a series of recommendations for Green New Deal policy, including:

  • Increased coordination between the UK and European central banks
  • The establishment of Green Common Bonds
  • The development of a Green Energy Union between the UK and Europe
  • A “Green Horizon 2050” public research and development program for green innovation
  • An Environmental Solidarity Network to create durable structures for cooperation between regions, cities and communities

This release is included in a series on Green Internationalism, as part of Common Wealth's Green New Deal project.

The full report is available to read and download below.

David Adler & Pawel Warganr
July 22, 2019